18 in 2018

Oh hi, 2018, where did you come from?! It seems like just last week I was making my annual appearance as Winifred Sanderson; Thanksgiving and Christmas were a whirlwind of activity and looking back it went by so fast after planning for them for the whole year.  I didn’t do much crafting after Halloween, just a few things here and there – I crocheted 3 bun hats (hole in the top for a ponytail) and a pair of wrist warmers (which was by far the most complicated pattern I’ve done).


Wrist Warmers and Ponytail Hats

Last fall I came across a post about “17 in 2017” – sort of like New Years Resolutions and goals for your year.  I decided to give this a try, it’s taken me this long to come up with all 18 things (not as easy as one would imagine!)

18 – Books Read –  I used to read a few books a month! I am going to get a library card before the end of January also so I’m not making un-neccessary book purchases and make it a priority to read the books I’ve already downloaded to my Kindle.

17 – New Recipes Tried – I’m pretty good at new recipes mostly due to my Pinterest addiction!

16 – Walks on the Beach – we live about 3 miles from the ocean!  And looking for sea glass and shells is a favorite past-time of mine.

15 -Bike Rides – we have quite a few restaurants that we could easily ride our bikes to, the beach is so close and a bunch of parks we can explore.

14 – Local places visited – there are quite a few historical sites and wildlife preservation areas here that would be interesting to learn about.

13 – New Restaurants tried – we are creatures of habit and always eat at the same places, we might have to venture out a little farther to find new ones but that will be part of the fun.

12 – Blog Posts – only one per month, I can do that! (and hey I’ll count this one!)

11 – House Areas De-cluttered and organized – We have too much stuff and I need to let some of it go. Eleven breaks down to every room of the house (including garage).

10 – Pounds Lost – last year some injuries and my IBS contributed to some weight gain, I’m in a half marathon training group now (half marathon in March) so that will help get me started and I’m looking forward to the new BeachBody program 80 Day obsession.

9 – Farmers Market Visits – another thing I don’t take enough advantage of, we have so many local farm stands around us.

8 – Beading/Jewelry projects – surprisingly (haha) I have all the required equipment (pliers, wire, findings, etc) and a whole box of assorted beads.

7 – Crochet/Knit Projects – would be great to start on some winter things before it’s actually winter again, and start on a blanket for DH and the fur-kids.

6 – Sewing projects – I have a bunch of fall table-topper quilt projects bookmarked and need to work on my Manger collection.

5 – Painting – another thing I enjoy that I don’t do often enough. Not sure I’ll have completed paintings but at least sit down and give it a try.

4 – Running Events – I’m already signed up for 4 which is 2 more than last year!

3 – Cross Stitch Projects – I started a Christmas alphabet one in December but didn’t get very far on it and I have 2 others planned.

2 – Songs learned on the piano – I took piano lessons almost 2 years ago but then kinda forgot about it. I would like to get in the habit of playing/practicing at least once a week.

1 – Stand-up paddle board lesson – I’ve been saying I want to do this for-ev-er.

So we’ll see how this goes!  Happy New Year to you 🙂



Spookiness abounds

My biggest crafting attempt yet –  I saw this Halloween mantle scarf on the Grandin Road website and decided to re-create it myself.

The letters I worked on first.  My first set after buying and painting I decided weren’t quite wide enough for designs…so back to the store for these wider ones.  I should have done the W in orange first then did the black design but the effect I got doing it the other way wasn’t too shabby.  I found scrapbooking stickers for bats and spiders and I glued each letter to a small square wood piece so they would stay upright.


For the mantle scarf, my crafty BFF sent me a link to a similar project to help with the dimensions of the triangles.  Not going half-at this project, I decided to have fabric on both sides so it would look very professional (!). After the triangles were cut I ironed interfacing onto one of each, then right-sides together stitched the sides to the points.


Our mantle is just a tad shy of 6′ long so finding space to lay out the pieces was a challenge. The other challenge was I sort of forgot about the one long piece I needed to join everything together!  After a trip to the fabric store, I then did a small test run of the method I was going to use to put this all together and then laid out the whole thing.


First I stitched the large and medium pennants. Then the next row was the small pennants.  Finally stitched the whole thing together (right sides in) like a big pillowcase, and then carefully turned it right-side out. Hand sewed the end shut and then to the mantle it went!


And here it is at night, I am experimenting with different ways of lighting up the letters:


I really love how this came out and, as usual, I know what to do different next time…I do have enough fabric for another one 😉

I did some other Halloween projects which will wrap up my spooky project list for now: a crochet witch hooded scarf, crochet Bat, crochet spider and a hanging canvas display which has my great-nieces hands for spiders and great-nephews feet for ghosts/monsters:



I dressed up as Winifred again and went to the Petco annual Pet costume party – our Pug Toby was my “Binx”; and we had a spooky themed dinner party with friends. Besides trick-or-treating night, the last big hoorah for October was the Wicked 10k run (more like wogging) with friends as the Sanderson Sisters!

Until next year, stay spooky friends!

Projects Roundup

It turns out having all these projects <Too Busy to Work> was pretty stressful!  I thought it was a good idea to have different things going on, keeping my brain busy, but yeah… not so much.  After 2 weeks I decided to buckle down and concentrate on one project at a time, and happy to say I’ve completed four of the five!  (AND I got distracted and started and finished a few other quick and small ones which I’ll include in my Halloween post)

The Halloween alphabet cross stitch I really enjoyed doing. Watching the letters and different Halloween-themed objects take shape was so rewarding! The hardest part was finding a frame and a mat board to fit the tall-but-skinny finished product –


Halloween Alphabet Cross-Stitch

The waffle stitch scarf wasn’t too bad, it was only 38 stitches across and the since it was going to be for my 10 year old great-niece I knew it didn’t have to be really long.  Of course it occurred to me I should knit a matching hat and/or mittens…


Waffle Stitch Knit Scarf

On to the spiral cowl…I have to say I did not find this very enjoyable, the pattern itself was easy enough (same 2 repeating rows) but 185 stitches per row…times about 27 rows per skein of yarn..times 5 skeins…pretty sure I have shoulder bursitis now!!  I am happy with the result -the colors are beautiful and I only made a handful of mistakes – I was ready for it to be over with…I’m going to try a crochet project next.


Queen Spiral Cowl

The stuffed turkey project was completed just this past weekend, the end result isn’t exactly what I was picturing…so the remainder of the fabric will go into a quilted table topper.


Stuffed Turkey

My Christmas manger project is being not-so-patiently watched over by my visiting Wise Men…I got totally distracted by this mantle scarf project I decided to do for Halloween.  I came across this on the Grandin Road website (http://www.grandinroad.com/bewitching-halloween-mantel-scarf/373953) and saw it is no longer available so thought it was a grand idea to make one! My Halloween blog post will include the details on that project.

I joined a daily knitting/crocheting challenge for the month of October, chose this crochet scarf/shawl with yarn I already have (well, okay I had one skein) and to not make it complicated like the cowl I’m going to use just one color.  (The pattern was free on Ravelry too – bonus!) I really love the colors used in the pattern though so perhaps my next trip to the yarn store….


Augusta Shawl by Andrea Mules

SOOOOO excited that it’s getting closer to Halloween, now if it would just cool off here it would actually feel like October!


I didn’t spend as much time/energy on my garden this year, mostly because it was a new set up and I had way fewer plants.  For the past 4 years I had a fenced in area with large low raised boxes.  Here is a picture from my 2014 garden:


old garden set up

Looks good, right?  It always started out great, and I would patiently wait and water and wait…but as the season went on I had beautiful plants but no produce!  The dirt was only maybe 8 inches deep, and beneath that was hard concrete-like dirt.  After a couple years of frustration with the limited output, I asked DH to help with creating a new garden.  He took the fencing down and used the wood to create new taller boxes.  It was a TON of work to take the dirt from the existing boxes and move it to the new boxes (my muscles got quite the workout for a few weekends this spring).


new garden set up

I only got one of the old boxes totally moved (now the two boxes to the left), the other (to the right in the picture) pretty much stayed a big heap of dirt this summer.  In the two new boxes, I had tomatoes and basil in one and then summer squash and onions in the other.  For the first year in quite a few I had more than one beefsteak tomato – yay!  And the cherry tomato plant went crazy.  The summer squash I planted were of the crookneck variety and I did not like the taste or texture so I’ve since replanted zucchini here (which one is currently being slowly eaten by the dreaded SVB…I keep stabbing the vine with a knife in an attempt to stab the larvae …I’m hoping to get a few squash before the plant dies off!).

I grew garbage can potatoes again but while the plants looked great I did’t get quite the harvest as I did last year – I think the wildly varying scorching hot then cool and super wet weather made them unhappy.  I planted a jalapeno plant in a planter and it did quite well, next year I will ‘pretty’ up the space and have matching planters at the ends of the boxes with pepper plants.  I attempted to grow carrots in a deep planter but they didn’t do very well either and I think that’s a product of the heat waves we had – if I plant carrots again I’ll put the container on the deck where I can control the direct sun it gets.



asparagus – free range strawberries

For the other old box, I did separate out the asparagus plot, and let the strawberries grow free range (they are on their 3rd year and due to go this fall).  I attempted to grow corn and squash in the pile of dirt next to the strawberries, but not very well – my seeds were old (no telling how old Mom!!) and I wasn’t really expecting anything.  So far I have one ear of corn and one spaghetti squash trying to mature.

I tried out a trick with planting cucumbers in a bag of soil – worked out great, but my trellis set up was a bust – I had this vision of the vines climbing up over this decorative arch but there obviously wasn’t enough for the vines to grab onto.  I will try this method again next summer with a different trellis set up.  I totally let the weeds get out of control on the ground around the planter boxes…(looking at the ‘before’ pictures while writing this post I’m in shock at how bad I let the weeds get LOL)


cucumbers in a bag

I neglected my compost bin this summer, I still have some bags in the freezer with scraps I meant to put in there…perhaps this fall.  I also added a rain barrel this year, it was a very worthy addition!


rain barrel

So I would say the new boxes were a success and I’m looking forward to asking DH to build me a couple more and preparing for 2018.  Now that it’s a permanent solution, I think we’ll have some pea stone delivered to go around the boxes and make it look nicer, I’m also going to re-position the flat stones for the garbage can potatoes over by the house for more shade. I have random clusters of gladiola’s that I haphazardly planted not expecting the bulbs to live so those need to be dug up and re-homed after they stop flowering and my resident Charlotte’s go into hibernation.  I am toying with planting some cool-weather/fall veggies but considering we were wearing shorts and flip-flops at Thanksgiving last year I’m not sure when that would be haha 🙂


Too busy to work?!

I’m convinced I could be a full time crafter if I didn’t have to work a paying job… I am totally dabbled over the past 3 weeks, I have so many projects in various stages!  And this doesn’t include any that I recently pinned on pinterest (like learning to crochet hearts and pumpkins and more!)

I went to a knitting class held by a local yarn club about a month ago – super fun and came out of that with 2 projects: 1) a sampler scarf of different knit stitches and 2) a spiral cowl (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/the-queens-spiral-cowl) . I had purchased yarn for the class and started the sampler scarf but found I really like the waffle stitch so here is work in progress #1:


The spiral cowl is (to me) a really big project so I decided to ‘practice’ with some other yarn I had that I had no idea what to do with. But knowing I was just practicing I didn’t pay close attention to the stitch count and was getting frustrated with this particular yarn so after using up the first skein I bound it off. Lesson learned – place more stitch markers!  I haven’t started the cowl yet but have the yarn, stitch markers and new pointier circular needles ready to go. Here is a picture from the Ravelry website:


Project #2 is stuffed turkeys –  I found the project on the Joanne fabric website. This has been in progress for a few weeks (okay, months) I finally got around to ironing and marking the fabric for cutting only to discover that fat quarters are not big enough for 18″ circles! I was feeling pretty dumb but the pattern even says “1/4 yard” and checked with my crafty BFF and she was stumped as well.  SO! I popped into Joanne’s and bought 1 yard each of 3 fabrics. Those are waiting to be marked, cut and ironed… This is the picture from the Joanne website:


Project #3 was a crochet octopus.  I missed a crochet get together at the Yarn club where everyone was crocheting an octopus for pre-mature babies in the local hospital NICU. (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/octopus-for-preemie—octo-project) Over 3 nights for about 4 hours total I made this totes adorbs octopus:

Now that I know the pattern I can definitely churn out another one in shorter time, and participate in the next crochet get together 🙂

Project #4 is a Christmas Creche (manger).  My Mom crafted one waaayyy back when I was a kid and I have always loved it – found the pattern from 1978 on ebay and it is sitting in the craft room waiting for me to cut out the pattern pieces.  This project will be a long ranging one as there are 12 figures, palm tree and the manger.  I visited my Mom this past weekend and took some detailed pictures and she let me borrow one of her wise men and a shepherd.


and finally Project #5 is a Halloween alphabet cross stitch! The design is by JBW Designs, I have quite a few of her leaflets from maybe 20 years ago?! This project I admit is totally  me having a “oh look something shiny” or “Dory” moment (as my crafty BFF calls it) – in the process of looking for something else I came across a JBW Designs leaflet…saw something Halloween and there went my train of thought!  It will probably be finished right in time for Halloween.


How bad is it that I’m excited for the forecast of rain all day Saturday?!  My garden could really use a soaking though and I’m overdue for a garden post…after I knit a few waffles and stitch some ABC’s of course!

Get out of my pool!!

If you know me you hear me saying this in my best Penny Marshall voice as the wife of “Satan” in the movie Hocus Pocus (see It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus for more on my Hocus Pocus obsession) when she tells the Sisters to get out of her house.  In my case this is aimed at the ducks in our pool.

Now if they would just land in the water, throw some water on their backs and then leave that’d be just fine.  But they hang out and POOP. Either in the pool or on the side or both.  YUCK.

They mostly enjoy the pool early in the morning or later at night when we aren’t awake or watching out for them to be in it.

To the internet I went –

First internet suggestion – alligator pool float.  Most people who tried this said it worked at first but wore off and I’d most likely find the ducks sitting on said alligator after a few days.

Next suggestion – dogs.  Which we have three, but the one that will chase the ducks off is also the one most likely to jump either in the pool after them, or over the pool fence to get them. And her bark is seriously piercing to the ear drum which I don’t think my neighbors would appreciate at 5am.

THEN I read that snakes are also a deterrent…soooooo I found a rubber snake, brightly colored, but it wouldn’t float.  DH to the rescue –  cut pieces of a foam pool noodle and attach it to the snake.


Voila! It’s not pretty, but it’s a floating duck deterrent!  It’s been about 2 weeks since we started using it, and so far so good – no duck poop in the pool, woo!


The Herb Bar

When we took down the fence around the garden we had a bunch of good boards left, so naturally I spent some time pinteresting.  I had seen a few ideas with building sort of a wall and then hanging little containers of herbs.  DH initially built this as a side table to put drinks on next to the hot tub but it was too hard to reach and just awkward.


So I repurposed it into an Herb bar!

My initial herb buckets (from Michaels craft store) had a basil plant, sage plant, mint plant and thyme seeds (sitting in the sun germinating for this picture).  Add metal blue crabs, some netting and tealight size hanging mason jars (also Michaels).  Cute right?!

Initial Display

After 2 weeks the basil and sage just grew like a tree (straight up) and my seeds didn’t quite like the environment but the mint plant looked great!   So I changed out the basil, sage and thyme seeds for oregano, chocolate mint and thyme plants.  Much better!  This is the effect I was looking for:


Tip: I used gallon size ziploc bags to line the bucket, put some rocks in the bottom and then planting soil.  I cut off the excess top of the bag after the plant was well watered the first time, so the top is just about even with the rim so you can’t tell it’s there.  Hopefully this keeps the buckets from rusting so I can keep using them.

This is with the tea lights lit:


Bonus points for practicality – I used a few mint leaves to make coconut-lime mojitos!  And I read spiders don’t like mint so every few days I snip a few leaves off to release the scent.  I’m not sure if that’s the same effect as using the essential oil but let’s not get started on that dabble…at least not yet!


So it’s been nearly a year since my gastro-intestinal issues led me to seek professional medical help. I’ve basically come to the conclusion I have IBS-D, and nothing can be done medically to cure this.  So through trial and error I’ve come up with some rules for myself to keep symptoms to a minimum (disclaimer: this is not medical advice just simply what I’ve found to work for me!) I am also lactose intolerant and sensitive to sucralose sugar substitute.

  1. No coffee on an empty stomach. At first I completely gave up drinking coffee but found that one cup in the afternoon was ok.  I have a cup of coconut chai tea with a touch of flavored creamer first thing in the morning which gives me that coffee-ish start to my day.
  2. No lettuce. This one I sort of stumbled across after reading some posts on a message board. I haven’t experimented with different types yet(wondering for instance is boston bibb is less problematic than romaine?), for now I’m substituting shredded cabbage for lettuce on Taco Tuesdays.
  3. No tomato sauce. This one was really hard at first since we had pizza/Italian at least once a week. Now that I’ve been keeping this out of my diet for months it’s not so bad.  I can eat raw tomatoes without an issue and if I go “light” on the sauce I can tolerate it.
  4. No dairy.  This one wasn’t so hard since I already knew I was lactose intolerant. What I DID learn was that most hard cheeses have little to no lactose – yay! And the coconut milk in a carton tastes great, it needs to be refrigerated to have the consistency of cows milk.
  5. No eggs straight up.   This is a more recent discovery. Again, stumbled on this as a result of a “oh hey when I didn’t have eggs for breakfast I didn’t have GI distress” revelation.  Eggs dispersed in baked goods seem to be ok.

The biggest help I came across just about a month ago – I was researching peppermint oil and came across the Heather’s Help for IBS website. Fast forward through hours and hours reading through posts on that website and reviews on Amazon.Com and I ordered the acacia fiber and peppermint oil capsules.  The peppermint oil capsules didn’t have any effect for me but the acacia fiber has been a tremendous help!!!

Along with the acacia fiber I’ve switched to eating more soluble than insoluble fiber and by doing this have cut down my GI distress days to 1-2 per week as opposed to 10 days per week (haha, bad joke).  The soluble fiber tactic I came across on the Heather’s website, in a section about what to eat when you feel like you can’t eat anything at all.  It’s eating foods higher in soluble fiber that will make a soft slow moving gel in your GI tract, as opposed to insoluble fiber which wants to get everything moving moving moving.  So I started with 1 tsp of the acacia fiber each morning, rice cereal with a banana for breakfast, baked potato or plain pasta for lunch, and low fiber dinners.  Admittedly I am living a boring food life the past month but keeping to this truly keeps my distress at an all time low (and almost makes me feel cured).

In the midst of all this going on, I injured my achilles tendon running and messed my back up by limping around.  It took 6 weeks before I dismounted from my stubborn horse and saw my doctor who referred me to physical therapy and gave me a prescription to help me sleep.  After a month of PT and actually getting sleep at night I am starting to feel like my old self.

This non-calorie-burning carb-heavy start to 2017 has resulted in a 10 pounds heavier me but getting my GI distress down to a just slight annoyance is a huge relief and I know once I get back to my regular exercise routine I won’t have to squeeze into my shorts – which could also be a side-effect of wearing Lularoe all winter but we won’t go there 😉

A Bit o’ the Green

I figured I better get this blog post done before Easter!  Another fun holiday that I like to decorate and have a themed dinner for is St. Patrick’s Day (green is my favorite color after all!)  Although, I am not a fan of the typical corned beef and cabbage dish so usually come up with something a bit more to my taste.  After a few hours on Pinterest (which included my usual tangent clicks and pinning to boards) I decided on a reuben cheese dip with rye bread, mini roast beef sandwiches and leprechaun hats for dessert.

The reuben cheese dip was DELICIOUS! Here’s the link to the recipe I sort of followed – I am so not a fan of sauerkraut so I left that out, I got some chipped turkey pastrami from the deli and I bought a bag of cheese fondue.  Heated in a pie dish in the oven, it was ah-mazing.  https://communitytable.parade.com/377496/melissasperka/st-patricks-day-appetizers-classic-reuben-dip/

The mini roast beef sandwiches were Kings Hawaiian rolls with shredded roast beef, then a slice of swiss cheese and popped in the oven for about 10 minutes. I had some Thousand Island dressing and horseradish as condiments.

The leprechaun hats were surprisingly good to eat – I thought the chocolate would harden to much to make them edible (and I’m a total newbie at chocolate dipping so the coating was a wee bit thicker than expected) – and of course, super cute! One of my dinner guests ate one as an appetizer 🙂


For a tablescape, I created little rainbow jars (skittle) and pots-of-gold  (individual wrapped rolo candies).  Naturally, I found these projects on Pinterest.


I’m off to get some Easter ideas from the Wilton candies website (annnnnd probably Pinterest too!)

In search of Aurora

Seeing the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) has long been on my bucket list.  I’ve followed a handful of pages on Facebook for a few years and have several websites bookmarked which give forecasts and alerts of upcoming Aurora events.  About a year ago we started planning a trip to Iceland with my Mom.  I found a great house to rent in the town of Vogar – one of the reviews of a previous renter said they saw the Northern Lights right from the back deck, perfect!  And an even greater stroke of luck, there is a direct 5 hour flight out of Boston.  We read that it is best to have at least 4 nights in order to have a better chance at seeing the Lights, so we went from Tuesday morning to Saturday evening.  It was actually Monday night when we left Boston, with the flight and time change it was early Tuesday morning when we landed in a super windy rain storm.  We had rented a car from Budget (we didn’t plan on any off-roading so no 4WD) and braved our way out to the car and only got lost two times driving to the rental house.  We slept for a few hours and then went on an afternoon drive to the southwest peninsula (Reykjanesbaer) where we had lunch at the Rostin cafe.

The first night we saw the brightest Lights we would see all week and right from our back deck, beautiful! (the first picture is a 3 second exposure taken on my cell phone)  We are amateur photographers so our camera settings weren’t perfect but seeing the Lights in person was amazing, although we give the display about a 2 out of 10.  It was also mostly cloudy the whole time we were there and there was quite a bit of light pollution across from where we were staying. One night we did drive out to a darker spot, but after waiting about 2 hours in the car for the lights we called it a night. We are now planning another Northern Lights trip, considering North Pole Alaska as they seem to see the lights in some form every night.


We drove the Golden Circle on Thursday which was forecasted to be the warmest/sunniest day but we found ourselves driving through mini snow storms most of the day.  We started out at Thingevellir National Park to see the Tectonic plate separation as a result of earthquakes in 2000.  This is also where Game of Thrones filmed Eyrie Pass scenes – pretty cool!

Next up on the drive is the Geysir – pretty neat to see snow on the ground but warm water is running down the hillside and steam rising from random spots in the ground. We saw the main Geysir erupt, it seems to erupt every 3 minutes or so.

The final stop is the Gulfoss waterfall. You can hear the waterfall before you see it, and it is immense. Such an amazing sight.  It was cloudy when we were there but it is said when the sun shines there are mini rainbows everywhere from the mist.

We drove down from Gulfoss and through the Southern section of the Golden Circle route, where we saw many geothermal vents in the town of Hveragerdi which has the highest concentration of greenhouses in Iceland and where much of Iceland’s homegrown produce is grown.

On Friday afternoon we went into Reykjavik to complete a few other “must do’s”- we ate fish-n-chips at the Reykjavik fish house (and happened to meet a couple from the city next to where my Mom lives!). I found the EVO Gamer monument for a friend whose name is on one of the tiles. Then we headed down the street to find the famous hot dog stand – Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur – for a hotdog with the works. Next we drove to the Sun Sculpture (there is temporary  free parking right by the sculpture) and took a few pictures. Our last planned stop had been the Hallgrímskirkja cathedral but in talking to a couple while getting our hotdogs they said there was a funeral going on and part of it was under construction so you couldn’t go inside…so we decided to just drive by on our way back to Vogar.

Earlier in the week we had found a Dunkin Donuts inside a gas station store and there was a little cafe called Ginger – we ate there twice!  The chicken with vegetables (roasted sweet potatoes!) were delicious. Because of our schedule of staying up almost all night to catch the Lights, we weren’t very adventurous in going to any local restaurants. The two grocery stores are Bonus and Kronan – we preferred Kronan as it more resembled the typical US grocery store.   We found shopping in the grocery store slightly confusing – we had brought coffee creamers with us but ran out so we attempted to buy coffee creamer…it turned out to be yogurt!  We went back to the grocery store and a very nice couple helped us find the right one – if you go, the product on the left is yogurt, on the right is creamer –


One attraction we did not check out was the Blue Lagoon – the geothermal hot spa. It was fully booked the whole week we were there! And after reading some reviews and cautions we decided this was for the best for our hair and Mom’s knees.

During the trip we were both reading books by the same author 🙂  And I got the idea to paint my nails in Northern Lights inspired colors from (naturally) Pinterest –

The weather was what I would classify as ‘winter’ – mostly cloudy, in the mid 30s and one day we had a snowstorm with about 3 inches. We didn’t have plans to hike in the snowy areas so we didn’t bring special weather gear and we were plenty warm. The houses there are heated with geothermal heating which worked very well – we could walk barefoot and feel the warm tiles under our feet. We were plenty warm at night and even considered opening a window as it was at times too warm for us to sleep!

The trip was fabulous overall, great time spent with my Mom and our entire travel experience was A+!  Turning my thoughts next to my new and improved garden, looks like the weather will be perfect on Saturday here for beginning the construction…