Prepping Practice

This week I’m doing an experiment – meals only from what is in the freezer and cabinets, sort of a prepping practice (you know, for the zombie apocalypse!).  I have a tendency to see yummy recipes on Facebook/Pinterest/etc and I’ll have maybe one ingredient already so my grocery list grows or I see a great deal on something (buy one get one free is my nemesis) and suddenly my cabinets and freezer(s) are overflowing. So aside from just a few fresh veggies, dairy and meats I kept my weekly grocery list to a minimum.

Sunday dinner: spinach/ricotta stuffed shells with garlic thai peanut chicken breasts.
Used up: 15 large pasta shells, frozen creamed spinach, can of diced tomatoes, two 1/2 bags of shredded mozzarella cheese, garlic thai chicken mix.
Bought fresh: chicken breasts, ricotta cheese.
Review: using creamed spinach in stuffed shells, why did I never think to do this before? Yum! The chicken mix was definitely more garlic than peanut but made a nice crunchy crust.

On the menu for Monday night: gyros!


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