We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog post…

In the midst of all my gardening, cooking and crafting dabbles going on I’m now taking on the challenge of going wheat-free :/  long story short, I’ve been dealing with some issues that just weren’t going away no matter what I ate or didn’t eat so my dr ran some allergy tests and boom, there it was – high allergy to wheat, low allergy to corn, eggs, dairy and soy. The dairy I pretty much suspected so that’s not so difficult to not eat/drink. But 2 eggs on top of wheat toast with a slice of cheese is my all time favorite breakfast…not to mention pasta and corn chips and taco shells and crackers and and and – talk about a shift in my universe!

I know there is hope and I have been quite sucked into the abyss that is google and pinterest lately, all my other dabbles are feeling neglected (like the pile of fabric that is to be a ladybug table mat)  I have dabbled in eating the Paleo way so I’m not feeling completely lost I just need to be more strict with following the guidelines.  I did almost fall off my chair this morning though when I read that coffee is on the “no” list. But after a few articles I found that eliminating it for 2 weeks and then adding it back in allows you to see if it’s a trigger. This might have to wait as a last resort since I’m having to give up my normal breakfast…

More dr appointments coming up to determine if it’s celiac disease, in the meantime I’m experimenting with gluten/egg/dairy free baking – so far my main problem seems to be under-cooking which is so weird because my oven runs hot so I typically bake things 10-15 minutes less than a recipe will indicate.  And with the wicked hot weather we’re having here I could probably start baking food outside!



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