Sometimes you just need a little sparkle

I used to have my nails done in acrylics for years and years, sometimes french tipped other times a daring dark or blinding bright color.  I had the same nail tech for all those years who I loved, and second in sadness only to leaving my longtime hairstylist behind was leaving my nail tech behind when I moved South.  And while I finally found a new hair stylist to love I just never found a new nail tech.  And so I’d grown out of that phase a little and embraced my natural nails (after taking 6 months to heal from the years of acrylics 😮 )

Every once in awhile I get the urge to have my girly acrylics though, especially the french tips.  I tried the drugstore diy kits…and those were a pretty big fail for me. My right hand never looked anything close to acceptable (I’m right handed) and I could never get that ridge between fake tip and natural nail to be smooth.  I’d always end up peeling them off after maybe 2 days because I couldn’t stand the imperfections.

Recently I tried an at-home gel system, bought the LED lamp and all.  I was super impressed with the Sally Hansen 3 step gel – easy to apply and with the lamp it’s totally dry within minutes, bonus! (as you can read about here I’m not known to sit patiently for long).    I picked out “Purple Prisms” -which on the box looks like a lavender base with sparkles – in reality it’s a clear polish with sparkles. I actually put a coat of Sinful Colors “Tempest” (a pretty lavender and a gift from my Mom) on first, then the prisms, then the top coat. Came out really pretty and it stayed on for days and days, almost a whole week. (side note, the Sinful Colors line is really durable – my “Tempest” pedicure lasted 3 weeks!)

Earlier this week I got an inkling to have some french tipped nails and I  happened to have some french tips in my manicure bag from the earlier failed diy attempts…so I get the bright idea to try the gel over the tips since it’s self-leveling.  Not super crazy about the sparkles over french tips (I AM in my late 40’s afterall)


but my bright idea worked! No ridge, yay!


I managed to snap 2 of the tips off within 24 hours – my natural nails aren’t very long right now, would work better with more natural nail to glue the tip to – but I know now I can pull this off for special occasion fancy manicures.  Or when my week just needs that bit of sparkle.


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