A Bit o’ the Green

I figured I better get this blog post done before Easter!  Another fun holiday that I like to decorate and have a themed dinner for is St. Patrick’s Day (green is my favorite color after all!)  Although, I am not a fan of the typical corned beef and cabbage dish so usually come up with something a bit more to my taste.  After a few hours on Pinterest (which included my usual tangent clicks and pinning to boards) I decided on a reuben cheese dip with rye bread, mini roast beef sandwiches and leprechaun hats for dessert.

The reuben cheese dip was DELICIOUS! Here’s the link to the recipe I sort of followed – I am so not a fan of sauerkraut so I left that out, I got some chipped turkey pastrami from the deli and I bought a bag of cheese fondue.  Heated in a pie dish in the oven, it was ah-mazing.  https://communitytable.parade.com/377496/melissasperka/st-patricks-day-appetizers-classic-reuben-dip/

The mini roast beef sandwiches were Kings Hawaiian rolls with shredded roast beef, then a slice of swiss cheese and popped in the oven for about 10 minutes. I had some Thousand Island dressing and horseradish as condiments.

The leprechaun hats were surprisingly good to eat – I thought the chocolate would harden to much to make them edible (and I’m a total newbie at chocolate dipping so the coating was a wee bit thicker than expected) – and of course, super cute! One of my dinner guests ate one as an appetizer 🙂


For a tablescape, I created little rainbow jars (skittle) and pots-of-gold  (individual wrapped rolo candies).  Naturally, I found these projects on Pinterest.


I’m off to get some Easter ideas from the Wilton candies website (annnnnd probably Pinterest too!)