Spookiness abounds

My biggest crafting attempt yet –  I saw this Halloween mantle scarf on the Grandin Road website and decided to re-create it myself.

The letters I worked on first.  My first set after buying and painting I decided weren’t quite wide enough for designs…so back to the store for these wider ones.  I should have done the W in orange first then did the black design but the effect I got doing it the other way wasn’t too shabby.  I found scrapbooking stickers for bats and spiders and I glued each letter to a small square wood piece so they would stay upright.


For the mantle scarf, my crafty BFF sent me a link to a similar project to help with the dimensions of the triangles.  Not going half-at this project, I decided to have fabric on both sides so it would look very professional (!). After the triangles were cut I ironed interfacing onto one of each, then right-sides together stitched the sides to the points.


Our mantle is just a tad shy of 6′ long so finding space to lay out the pieces was a challenge. The other challenge was I sort of forgot about the one long piece I needed to join everything together!  After a trip to the fabric store, I then did a small test run of the method I was going to use to put this all together and then laid out the whole thing.


First I stitched the large and medium pennants. Then the next row was the small pennants.  Finally stitched the whole thing together (right sides in) like a big pillowcase, and then carefully turned it right-side out. Hand sewed the end shut and then to the mantle it went!


And here it is at night, I am experimenting with different ways of lighting up the letters:


I really love how this came out and, as usual, I know what to do different next time…I do have enough fabric for another one 😉

I did some other Halloween projects which will wrap up my spooky project list for now: a crochet witch hooded scarf, crochet Bat, crochet spider and a hanging canvas display which has my great-nieces hands for spiders and great-nephews feet for ghosts/monsters:



I dressed up as Winifred again and went to the Petco annual Pet costume party – our Pug Toby was my “Binx”; and we had a spooky themed dinner party with friends. Besides trick-or-treating night, the last big hoorah for October was the Wicked 10k run (more like wogging) with friends as the Sanderson Sisters!

Until next year, stay spooky friends!


Projects Roundup

It turns out having all these projects <Too Busy to Work> was pretty stressful!  I thought it was a good idea to have different things going on, keeping my brain busy, but yeah… not so much.  After 2 weeks I decided to buckle down and concentrate on one project at a time, and happy to say I’ve completed four of the five!  (AND I got distracted and started and finished a few other quick and small ones which I’ll include in my Halloween post)

The Halloween alphabet cross stitch I really enjoyed doing. Watching the letters and different Halloween-themed objects take shape was so rewarding! The hardest part was finding a frame and a mat board to fit the tall-but-skinny finished product –


Halloween Alphabet Cross-Stitch

The waffle stitch scarf wasn’t too bad, it was only 38 stitches across and the since it was going to be for my 10 year old great-niece I knew it didn’t have to be really long.  Of course it occurred to me I should knit a matching hat and/or mittens…


Waffle Stitch Knit Scarf

On to the spiral cowl…I have to say I did not find this very enjoyable, the pattern itself was easy enough (same 2 repeating rows) but 185 stitches per row…times about 27 rows per skein of yarn..times 5 skeins…pretty sure I have shoulder bursitis now!!  I am happy with the result -the colors are beautiful and I only made a handful of mistakes – I was ready for it to be over with…I’m going to try a crochet project next.


Queen Spiral Cowl

The stuffed turkey project was completed just this past weekend, the end result isn’t exactly what I was picturing…so the remainder of the fabric will go into a quilted table topper.


Stuffed Turkey

My Christmas manger project is being not-so-patiently watched over by my visiting Wise Men…I got totally distracted by this mantle scarf project I decided to do for Halloween.  I came across this on the Grandin Road website (http://www.grandinroad.com/bewitching-halloween-mantel-scarf/373953) and saw it is no longer available so thought it was a grand idea to make one! My Halloween blog post will include the details on that project.

I joined a daily knitting/crocheting challenge for the month of October, chose this crochet scarf/shawl with yarn I already have (well, okay I had one skein) and to not make it complicated like the cowl I’m going to use just one color.  (The pattern was free on Ravelry too – bonus!) I really love the colors used in the pattern though so perhaps my next trip to the yarn store….


Augusta Shawl by Andrea Mules

SOOOOO excited that it’s getting closer to Halloween, now if it would just cool off here it would actually feel like October!