18 in 2018

Oh hi, 2018, where did you come from?! It seems like just last week I was making my annual appearance as Winifred Sanderson; Thanksgiving and Christmas were a whirlwind of activity and looking back it went by so fast after planning for them for the whole year.  I didn’t do much crafting after Halloween, just a few things here and there – I crocheted 3 bun hats (hole in the top for a ponytail) and a pair of wrist warmers (which was by far the most complicated pattern I’ve done).


Wrist Warmers and Ponytail Hats

Last fall I came across a post about “17 in 2017” – sort of like New Years Resolutions and goals for your year.  I decided to give this a try, it’s taken me this long to come up with all 18 things (not as easy as one would imagine!)

18 – Books Read –  I used to read a few books a month! I am going to get a library card before the end of January also so I’m not making un-neccessary book purchases and make it a priority to read the books I’ve already downloaded to my Kindle.

17 – New Recipes Tried – I’m pretty good at new recipes mostly due to my Pinterest addiction!

16 – Walks on the Beach – we live about 3 miles from the ocean!  And looking for sea glass and shells is a favorite past-time of mine.

15 -Bike Rides – we have quite a few restaurants that we could easily ride our bikes to, the beach is so close and a bunch of parks we can explore.

14 – Local places visited – there are quite a few historical sites and wildlife preservation areas here that would be interesting to learn about.

13 – New Restaurants tried – we are creatures of habit and always eat at the same places, we might have to venture out a little farther to find new ones but that will be part of the fun.

12 – Blog Posts – only one per month, I can do that! (and hey I’ll count this one!)

11 – House Areas De-cluttered and organized – We have too much stuff and I need to let some of it go. Eleven breaks down to every room of the house (including garage).

10 – Pounds Lost – last year some injuries and my IBS contributed to some weight gain, I’m in a half marathon training group now (half marathon in March) so that will help get me started and I’m looking forward to the new BeachBody program 80 Day obsession.

9 – Farmers Market Visits – another thing I don’t take enough advantage of, we have so many local farm stands around us.

8 – Beading/Jewelry projects – surprisingly (haha) I have all the required equipment (pliers, wire, findings, etc) and a whole box of assorted beads.

7 – Crochet/Knit Projects – would be great to start on some winter things before it’s actually winter again, and start on a blanket for DH and the fur-kids.

6 – Sewing projects – I have a bunch of fall table-topper quilt projects bookmarked and need to work on my Manger collection.

5 – Painting – another thing I enjoy that I don’t do often enough. Not sure I’ll have completed paintings but at least sit down and give it a try.

4 – Running Events – I’m already signed up for 4 which is 2 more than last year!

3 – Cross Stitch Projects – I started a Christmas alphabet one in December but didn’t get very far on it and I have 2 others planned.

2 – Songs learned on the piano – I took piano lessons almost 2 years ago but then kinda forgot about it. I would like to get in the habit of playing/practicing at least once a week.

1 – Stand-up paddle board lesson – I’ve been saying I want to do this for-ev-er.

So we’ll see how this goes!  Happy New Year to you 🙂