Spring is sprung?

Or maybe we are just skipping straight to summer, we set a record high yesterday (and the day before too)!  But they are saying winter isn’t quite done yet so don’t get comfy in your shorts and flip flops just yet.  If it weren’t for the training I’m doing for a St Patrick’s Day half marathon, my hibernation skills would be level = expert.

The main purpose of this post is to do an update on my “18 in 2018” list. And truth be told I’ve been working on this post for 3 weeks…just keep getting distracted by something else.  The life of a dabbler 🙂


18 – Books Read. To date: 2.  I read “The Captain’s Daughter” by Meg Mitchell Moore on my Kindle, and “The Cross-Country Quilters” by Jennifer Chiaverini in paperback (part of a 6 book series I started in 2017, thank you Mom for those!) I’m almost done with the last book of the series, so to a Kindle selection in the next few days.

17 – New Recipes Tried. To date: 2. A few weeks ago I attempted DIY chocolate covered cherries (the key was to let them sit at room temperature for at least a week), and Orange Chocolate Chip Ricotta cookies (delish and they freeze really well)

16 – Walks on the Beach.  To Date: 0.

15 -Bike Rides. To Date: 0.

14 – Local places visited. To Date: 0.

13 – New Restaurants tried. To Date: 1. We went to a new Indian restaurant, very good!

12 – Blog Posts. To Date: 2.

11 – House Areas De-cluttered and organized. To Date: 0. One of the sort of hold-ups for this project is finishing our major remodel of the master bathroom which adds a walk-in closet – yahoo! I’ve been reluctant procrastinating  in getting started on any reorganizing so as not to have to do it twice.  And it’s turning out to be harder than I expected to furnish the walk-in closet, it’s an odd L-ish shape with a window and the door is on an angle wall…

10 – Pounds Lost. To Date: 0.

9 – Farmers Market Visits. To Date: 0.  I happened upon a post to join a local CSA (community supported agriculture) weekly box program, very excited to see what we get each week starting mid to late May.

8 – Beading/Jewelry projects. To Date: 0. 

7 – Crochet/Knit Projects. To Date: 1 completed, 1 WIP. I crocheted a scarf for a Harry Potter event we went to, it was a Hufflepuff design and I purchased the crest which I sewed on. I am making progress on a blanket for the DH using the same pattern as I used for the scarf.

crocheted scarf in Harry Potter Hufflepuff house colors

crocheted scarf in Harry Potter Hufflepuff house colors

6 – Sewing projects. To Date: 1 completed, 1 WIP. I made a Valentine table topper, lesson learned – curves are difficult to quilt!  For St Patricks Day I am working on a variation of an Ohio Star quilt block as a table topper (which isn’t coming out as great as I’d hoped, I clearly need a few introductory quilting lessons)

quilted Valentine table topper

quilted Valentine table topper

5 – Painting. To Date: 0.

4 – Running Events. To Date: 0. In training for a St Patrick’s Day half-marathon!

3 – Cross Stitch Projects. To Date: 0 complete, 1 WIP – I am about 1/3 of the way through a Christmas alphabet sampler.

2 – Songs learned on the piano. To Date: 0.

1 – Stand-up paddle board lesson. To Date: 0.

A very good start to the year! The warm weather has got me itching to start thinking about my garden, but I need to hold myself back because I always start it waaaaay too early.  It’s good to have other activities to keep me occupied 🙂


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