Prepping week, Thursday

This experiment has actually been so fun I decided we are doing this again next week! Of course how bad is it that I have enough freezer/cabinet food that this is possible :/ but I did look at some of the expiration dates on the food and we are cutting it close so that makes it a good thing, yay! Plus I can replenish my stock now, bring on the couponing (I sense another blog post…)

Tuesday menu was tacos but I ended up not using much from the pantry as I had some yard work to do after work and since the chicken was in the crockpot all there was to do was heat up taco shells.
Tuesday dinner: crockpot chicken tacos
Used up: frozen chicken breasts, envelope of taco seasoning, remaining 1/2 bag of shredded cheese, 1/2 box of taco shells, husband used up a bottle of hot sauce.
Bought Fresh: 1 tomato
Review: tacos are one of my favorite foods, is there anything else to say?!

Wednesday dinner: we ate out.

Thursday dinner: at home Chinese dinner
Used up: frozen PF Changs frozen Mongolian Beef dinner, 1/2 box Kahiki Thai Basil Chicken stix, 1/2 box Kahiki Korean Style BBQ Pork stix, 1 cup brown rice.
Bought Fresh: nothing for this meal!
Review: Meh. The Korean Style BBQ Pork stix were really good, don’t know if I’d buy the PF Changs frozen dinner again.

We usually eat out on Friday nights so this concludes my experiment for this week!  Next week I’m also thinking of getting out the trusty drip coffee maker and using up some of the ground coffee in the cabinet and freezer – since we got a Keurig,  I have opened bags of coffee galore (we are big coffee drinkers!).


Prepping Practice

This week I’m doing an experiment – meals only from what is in the freezer and cabinets, sort of a prepping practice (you know, for the zombie apocalypse!).  I have a tendency to see yummy recipes on Facebook/Pinterest/etc and I’ll have maybe one ingredient already so my grocery list grows or I see a great deal on something (buy one get one free is my nemesis) and suddenly my cabinets and freezer(s) are overflowing. So aside from just a few fresh veggies, dairy and meats I kept my weekly grocery list to a minimum.

Sunday dinner: spinach/ricotta stuffed shells with garlic thai peanut chicken breasts.
Used up: 15 large pasta shells, frozen creamed spinach, can of diced tomatoes, two 1/2 bags of shredded mozzarella cheese, garlic thai chicken mix.
Bought fresh: chicken breasts, ricotta cheese.
Review: using creamed spinach in stuffed shells, why did I never think to do this before? Yum! The chicken mix was definitely more garlic than peanut but made a nice crunchy crust.

On the menu for Monday night: gyros!