This is a HUGE dabble for me – there are so many projects I want to do, have planned to do, and dream of doing! This explains why I have a craft room with the supplies to do at least 20 projects ranging from beaded jewelry to quilted tree skirts, and have only completed maybe 1 in the past year(s).

Case in point – I had about 100 wine bottle corks that I collected over 3 years ago. Initially I planned to make wine cork reindeer and bought all the supplies for antlers, legs, red noses, eyes, etc. How many reindeer have I made? None. Zip. Zero.

So one of my BFF’s came to visit, saw the overflowing jars and she took a bunch of them home and made a cool pumpkin with them.


Then I saw these completely adorable wine cork doggies on Pinterest and I made myself sit down and make them.


My husband gave me a sewing machine for Christmas, and I just finished this tote bag:


I’m not sure what’s next on the crafting agenda, I really should make those cork reindeer.  Or finish (start?!) those mittens.