One of my passions since moving south of the Mason-Dixon line! Especially since the growing season here is waaaayyyy longer than up north. My wonderful hubby built me two 8’x10′ boxes in a fenced in area of our yard (to keep the puppehs and bunnehs out).

I planted asparagus in one corner of a box two years ago, which is amazingly low maintenance although the ferning phase which is pretty much all summer is a sight to behold. A few days ago I harvested a few stalks and the taste was ah-may-zing! If I had more space I would plant a whole bunch more, we likely only will have another week or so of harvesting these guys.

Last year I planted some strawberry plants in another corner and when I checked on them earlier this week I was surprised to see some flowers already! The plants are the “everbearing” kind – last year I had strawberries into August so I’m looking forward to seeing how these do in their second year.

So this will be my fourth year of gardening, last year was awful – nothing grew. Well, okay, my plants grew but the massive fruits-of-my-labor that I expected didn’t appear. So per the Internet’s advice I planted a cover crop in the fall. And it grew, abundantly. I dutifully cut it down in early December and just roto-tilled it under last weekend. Crossing my fingers this experiment works and has replenished the soil nutrients. I’m really looking forward to some garden fresh tomatoes and cucumbers.

Holding off on planting anything out there for at least 2 more weeks, stay tuned for updates to this ‘dabble’!